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i don't like the prospect of her hanging out with him. or being his friend, not after what they did. it's not my place to do or say anything though. i kind of have to deal with it.

i keep thinking more and more that i'm coming to terms with it all, and then the overwhelming feeling of just...shittiness comes back. but whatever. he's told me not to blame myself, everyone else is telling me not to blame myself.

he failed me. i did everything i could. i more than held up my end of everything.

and I need to look at it from an angle of it's more practical. Less of a burden. Now I don't feel bad about putting my efforts into piecing a better life together.

i will get a car this year. it's stopping me so much from accomplishing anything. i'm going to start looking for work again too. i need to schedule an appointment with the therapist too when the school year starts.

kind of over this winter break. i wanna be back in school already.
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